Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Well, this is the longest I have ever gone before without blogging a thing. Things have been rather hectic over at chez MagicKnitter the past couple of months to say the least, so let me catch you up.

I got a new full time job with a college in town doing their accounts payable. I like it quite a lot.

I still work part time at the gym, in the early hours of the morning, before going into the full time job.

I was taking a class in medical coding until last week. I passed the certification exam, so now I don't have to cram quite as much time into that.

Now I'm looking for part time work in the medical coding field to get my apprenticeship taken care of. Can you say glutton for punishment?

I have actually been knitting, but no documentation. I made a slew of Intwined Hats for my family for Christmas, a few scarves, a different couple of hats, cowls, shawls, and now am knitting the Central Park Hoodie for myself now that the holiday is over.

That just about catches you up I think. I hope to be back in about a week with another update, and hopefully some pictures. I miss blogging about my knitting successes and fails, so I'll be back, when I have some free time (Ha!)

Knit on...

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