Sunday, December 20, 2009

Heading Out

So in 48 hours or so, I will be back on US soil, in the state of Florida. I'm visiting my parents for Christmas this year, so I'm looking forward to that. Knitting-wise, I'm taking two skeins of sock yarn, which I may get through just in airplanes and airports alone :oP I finished the pair of mittens last night, so that will allow me to relax some today I think. Here's the finished pair:I'll try to blog from Florida when I get there.

Knit on...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Week of Knitting

Sorry that I was so quiet this week on the blog. I was attending a mandatory teaching training seminar and didn't have much time for anything aside from the classes. I did get in some knitting though. First up, I finished the Jaywalkers on Wednesday:Yarn is Lorna's Laces Mt. Creek colorway. This may be one of my favorite pairs of socks ever. Really like the colors.

And after those were finished, I cast on for a pair of Broad Street mittens out of Lorna's Laces Watercolor:Hopefully I'll get these finished this weekend and then can get ready to have a little Western culture in Florida for a few days!

Knit on...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

4 days worth of knitting

After all the ripping, frogging, hurling yarn, and other things going on, I have knit 2.5 inches of 3x3 ribbing...Terribly exciting. I really need to work on the Jaywalker socks this weekend and finish those up so I can feel like I actually accomplished something knitting-wise this week!

Knit on...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Fighting With Yarn

The past couple of days, I have spent more time with maroon merino sport weight yarn than I have proof to show for it. Actually, I have no proof at all. That's because all the attempts have been ripped and frogged. Let me give you a timeline of the maroon merino:

Day 1: This will be Jaden! Hooray for lace! 20 minutes later: Uh, yeah, not looking so good here. Color doesn't show off the pattern the way it needs to...
Day 2: This will be Pioneer! Hooray for cables! 20 minutes later: Uh, wow, this doesn't seem to be working well. I'm not too fond of this in a solid color. Rippit...
Day 3: Screw patterns, I'll just cast on and make a simple ribbed pullover! Hooray for simplicity! 20 minutes later: Hm, this is looking a bit big. Oh yeah, I've lost 50 pounds. Should probably cast on fewer stitches...rippit
Today: I'll make this Drops pattern! Hooray for simple and patterned! 20 minutes later: Oh crap, this pattern is written in centimeters. 49 cm across is not going to fit over my boobs. Well, I've lost weight, so let's check. Yep, still have big boobage...rippit...

20 minutes ago, I threw the poor ball of yarn that had been worked into so many incarnations across the room and picked up a fresh ball of yarn and cast on for the bigger size of the sweater. I'm now maybe an inch into the 3x3 ribbing and quite frankly I'm afraid to take a picture of the damn thing because I may end up ripping it out once again.


Knit on...and avoid ripping when possible!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yarn, What Do You Want To Be?

Dear sport weight maroon merino,

Please tell me what you want to be. I tried to go by the wrongly labeled label on you that said you were DK weight. I swatched a million times for Simple Knitted Bodice and could never get gauge. Then I looked at you more closely. Hm, you looked too thin to be DK weight to me. So I grabbed another ball from the stash and sure enough, the wrong label was on you. I looked up sport weight yarn patterns and found that I really liked Jaden from I have even continued to knit four repeats of this lace pattern and you look like this:I can't even see those pretty purl ridges that make Jaden so nice looking. In fact, I'm kinda loathing how you look right now.

So I think I will rip this out when I return to knitting on you on Sunday evening. I'm putting you aside for the weekend and picking up the traveling Jaywalker sock since I'm, well, traveling this weekend. Perhaps Jaywalker and I can talk and come up with a solution. Or maybe you can just tell me already what you really want to be. You're soft and a pretty color, and I really want a sweater that fits right now, so you're next to be knit. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Frustrated MagicKnitter

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


The lack of knitting content this week is brought to you by the letters F and P. Some words that start with F and P are:

Will you join with me to thank the letters F and P for showing up by giving them a swift kick in the arse so that they will be on their merry way? Ready, 1...2....3...

Knit on...