Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm baaaaacccckkkk...

I have returned from mine and DBF's little weekend gettaway. Before I get into the Pigeon Forge trip, I have to show you what that handspun yarn turned into that I posted about on Thursday morning. I cast the scarf on Thursday night and finished Friday morning before leaving for Pigeon Forge:
It's a scarf, but that picture doesn't show much about it aside from the subtle striping pattern of the yarn.

Here it is, in action. I made a big buttonhole about 10 inches up on one side of the scarf since I knew the yarn would only make a tiny scarf. You just stick one end through the buttonhole and cinch it up to wrap around your neck and keep you toasty warm. Here's the pattern I made up for this little scarf:

Buttonhole Scarf


Approximately 70-100 grams of heavy worsted-bulky yarn. I used my first semi-slubby 2 ply handspun from a wheel.

Size 10US needles


Cast on 17 stitches using any cast-on method.

Row 1: K2P1 to end

Row 2: K3 (p2K1 until three stitches from end) K3

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until piece measures 10 inches in length. Make a 6 sticth buttonhole using favorite method. Continue in pattern until piece measures 3 feet in length total (36 inches). Bind Off.

OK, on to Pigeon Forge. DBF won a free trip there from a radio station here in town. Seeing as I never win anything like that, I was amazed that he won. We headed out and made really good time until we hit Sevierville. Yeah, was a nightmare the whole trip. Now I'm from Orlando originally, so I should know a little something about tourist traffic, but I have never, NEVER seen back-ups the way this place backs up. It will take you at least 45 minutes to go about 1 mile there. It was rediculous.

So we hit the Gatlinburg strip on Friday. I saw a dragon, so DBF had to get a picture of me with her. I would post the picture, but blogger seems to have had enough of my picture posting for the morning. So, I'll post more this afternoon and tomorrow about the trip and what all we did. It was a fun weekend even though it was rather tiring.

We spent most of the day on Friday going to Gatlinburg to look at the shops and stuff. We didn't buy much there on Friday because we had to make it to a show in the evening and after the massive amount of traffic, we had to rush to get to the show. We went to a show called Country Tonight and it was pretty good. It was mostly modern country songs sung by the show's people. One of the singers sounded just like Johnny Cash which was pretty neat. They even had an Elvis Impersonator! And you thought that was only in Vegas...

Speaking of Vegas...I never realized just how many wedding chapels were in Gatlinburg. There must have been at least 10 different ones that I saw there. I even have my picture out in front of one. I almost sent that to my parents to give them a heart attack :oP Nope, we didn't get married while there despite the easiness of apparently getting married there :oP If I'm going to get married at a Drive-Through chapel, it better be in Vegas. Personally, I was hoping for a Star Trek wedding.

On Saturday we went to Dollywood and rode all the rides and saw all the crafts people. I was a little dissappointed by the crafts there. I did see one spinner, but all she had was finished projects and I was hoping for yarn and such. Oh well. Saturday night we went to see the Great China Circus which was pretty cool. I'm amazed at how flexible they are. Sunday we went back to Gatlinburg and rode the skylift up the side of a mountain and looked around some. We then went to the Dinosaur Walk museum and looked around there for a little while. After that, we hopped on a helicopter and took a 2 minute aerial tour of the area. We then stopped for some fireworks (can't go to Tennessee without getting fireworks...) and headed home. We even made it in time to watch the Amazing Race.

That was the trip in a nutshell. I'll post pictures as soon as blogger lets me!

Knit on...

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