Friday, March 30, 2007

Running, Waddling, Knitting, Crashing

Yeah, I did it yesterday. I went running for the first time in...oh dear, quite a few years to say the least. I don't know if you could really call it running more than waddling for me though. I was almost walking with a little more pep. But I did it anyways. Rebecca thought that I would be in better shape than her. Ha! She should have known better.

On the bright side, I did get in 10,498 steps yesterday for the day. Now how am I supposed to get in that many each day? I had an unusual walk during lunch to get food and then a 2 mile run/waddle last night and that just barely got me over 10,000 steps for the day. I'm so sore today that I don't feel like doing anything.

So what is up with these people who like to run for pleasure? I just don't get it. I didn't hit a runner's high last night. I hit runner's misery, overdose, whatever you want to call it! But I did it and I know it's one of the best exercises I can do right now, so Rebecca and I will attempt to continue doing this a few times a week.

Oh, and I need a sports bra. I got a few unwelcomed stares and Rebecca was continuously cracking up at my cries from all the bouncing...blah.

I did a little knitting last night though you would never really be able to tell. Here's a picture of the scarf. I'm half way through the second pattern repeat.

So, in essence, this scarf is half way done now. Everyone keeps saying what lovely shades of green it is. Wish I could see it! Darned red/green colorblindness can be bad when working with a green varigated yarn. I can see yellow in it, so at least I can see a little bit of the color. I still like the yarn though. I'm now a big fan of the Morehouse Farm laceweight. I really want to go impulse buy some of it, but I'm not buying yarn unless I need it. Need and want are two different animals. Anyways...

I think I'll go to sleep at my desk now.

Knit on...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Human Interaction

During the week, my usual human interaction is with the people at poker. While this can be fine, I didn't realize I was missing real honest to goodness human interaction with people who don't play poker. It started at noon yesterday when I went to SnB to see Kim. Geez, I forgot how long it had been since I'd seen her. We just gabbed and gabbed until we all realized that it was 1 and that she should get to class and I should go back to the cube. After work, I picked up my mail and my new gizmo had arrived:

It's a hiking watch that I picked up from It's really neat because after you finally figure out how to program the thing (warning, this watch is not for anyone who wants detailed instructions and step-by-step how to program this thing has a flow chart...) you can use it as a watch, a stopwatch, timer, distance measurer and pedometer. I mainly bought it for the pedometer feature because I'm trying to get more active. Most doctors recommend walking 10,000 steps in a day. So far this morning, I'm at 250ish, so I better get stepping! I played around with it last night, testing the pedometer sensitivity, the alarm, etc.

After picking up my watch, I went to Starbucks where I ran into Sarabeth who happened to be working that night. I realized then that I missed my stitching bitches. Poker is fun, but where else will I find someone who gets excited about wrapped stitches the way that I do?! Anyways, I got to learn how to make a drink on one of the fancy-smancy coffee machines and waited for my friend Erica to show up. When she showed, she got to learn how to make her drink on the machine and we sat outside and we gabbed and gabbed.

After drinking way too much caramel machiatto, we decided that dinner would be good, so we chose Thai and went to Mai Thai since it was pretty close. We gorged ourselves on Pad Thai (yeah, I don't want to know how many points or calories I blew last night) and then sat outside on the patio because it was too pretty out. We gabbed and gabbed some more and then I took her over to my house to show her around since she had never seen it before. She met Spooky, and Spooky didn't freak out. I wondered what her reaction would be since Erica has four cats. She didn't seem to mind. I think she just wanted out of her cage and didn't care who it was who came in the house. We gabbed some more until about 9 when Erica needed to head home (this cracked me up since she used to be such a night owl. This is what a job will do to a person!). All in all, it was a nice evening. Human interaction can be a good thing.

I'm continuing this interaction by meeting my friend Rebecca tonight after her class to go running. If you feel the earth shake, that would be why...T-Rex has nothing on me!

Knit on...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Sock That Fits

I'm really not sure why I am having so hard of a time with this pair of socks and getting them to fit right. After another failed attempt (I did not graft the toe this time at least), I finally got the sock to fit. I was too lazy to take a picture last night, so here's the "I'm in a hurry to get to work on time" sock picture:

I think it's pretty and I really like how soft it is. I would like it better if I hadn't had to rip out the toe decreases two times. It fits snuggly now, but it fits. Hopefully the snugness will not lead to holes. If it does, oh well, it's a sock. It's made to be worn so my feet don't get holes in them.

I tried to mow the lawn last night, but my stupid mower decided it didn't want to start. I was out in my front yard, hawaiian print sleeveless t-shirt and baggy black shorts on, cursing and trying to get the thing to turn over and start. The neighborhood kids were snickering, but that didn't surprise me. I used to get upset about stuff like that, now I just remind myself that I can always pick up a rock and nail them if need be :oP

After the mower fiasco, I went inside and took a shower since I had worked up a sweat trying to get the thing to start. Kroger had some wonderful looking asparagus at the store yesterday, so I picked up a couple of bunches and decided to make one of them last night for dinner. I called Mom and asked her how she cooked the asparagus when I had gone home to visit them, got the recipe and tried it. Bingo, that was the one! It tasted very good and made for a good dinner with the noodles from a few nights ago.

Today is SnB with Kim and come hell or high water, I'll be there for it. Not even curry can keep me from there today! I have a scarf that I want to work on and a second sock to cast on! Anyways, that was yesterday in a nutshell.

Knit on...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sock Needle Holders, Disc Golf, and a Bunny

I really need to work on my titles for posts, I know. At least the title describes what this post is about anyways. Yesterday after work it was so nice out that I had to spend some time outside. I ran over to a local park and played nine holes of disc golf. I'm rediculously sore today. I guess two days in a row of disc golf was enough to do that. I'll take today off considering it's still nice out and my grass shot up about a foot in the past two days, so I'll be mowing tonight. At least it's still being outside!

I also got a package in the mail yesterday with a little present I had ordered myself. Emily has these cool sock needle holder things and I have been wanting some for a while. I was getting tired of my sock sliding off the needles when not being worked on that I ordered these from Simply Socks:

They really are the most simple things and I really could have made them myself, but they were cheap and I bought them. It's two caps connected by a piece of elastic. They hold up to 5 US size 0-3 DPNs that are 6 inches long. They've got them in other sizes too. I used them last night and I loved them. As you can also see, I'm decreasing the toe in this picture. That changed last night after I finished the whole sock, grafted the toe and tried it on and it was too small. I'm usually really good about judging sizes, but this sock was just too small. So, rrrriiiiipppp back before the decreases and add some more length. I'll finish it tonight for sure, then I'll work on the Fiddlehead scarf some more.

I played poker last night. In typical me fashion, I went out in 9th place just before final table. I wasn't getting any good cards, but I got some good knitting done and it got me out of the house anyways. I came home and pet Spooky some before heading to bed.

The bunny looked bored last night. What do you think?

Knit on...

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Little Magic, A Little Disc Golf, Not Much Knitting

Yeah, it was beautiful outside this weekend. On Saturday, DBF and I went to play Magic and did OK. Well, he did OK, my deck hated me. I played a random deck I threw together that I call Akroma's Blink. It worked well first round and then the mana problems started. In a two color deck, it's important to get both colors of mana typically. I only drew one color of it, and it happened to be the color that I have the least amount of cards in. So, I couldn't cast anything and I got beat by 5 color Slivers. What the hell? I think that was the only round that guy won all day. Third round I get a bye. Woot, I get a free win! Turns out to be my only win. Fourth round, I play a Dralnu deck and get my arse handed to me courtesy of the same mana problems. I really don't understand why that was going on. Gotta love it when a deck works well in practice, but when you get in a tourney, it freezes up. Oh well. DBF went 2-2 for the day and then we ran away to go see a movie.

Before the movie, we took a walk downtown since it was so nice out. There were quite a few people walking, so it was nice to just people watch a little. Then we sat down and watched The Host. It was touted as the "One of the greatest monster movies of all time" and it was set in South Korea, so DBF and I thought it would be fun to see. The animation on the monster was pretty cool. Plot was so-so, ending was so-so, movie was so-so. But damn that monster looked cool! Plus the popcorn at that movie theater is pretty good, and we all know that is very important.

Sunday DBF and I played disc golf after church since it was such a nice day out. We only played nine holes before we had to head home to watch The Amazing Race, but it was fun playing the nine holes. I'm thinking of heading out and playing some more today after work to try to get in some exercise. I've heard that exercise is a good thing when trying to lose weight :oP

Not much knitting happened this weekend. I worked some on the sock in between rounds of Magic, but that was about all I did. I'll work on the sock some more today at lunch and at poker tonight, so maybe I can finish sock 1 of 2 tonight and it'll warrant a picture. I felt like the lack of knitting this weekend really didn't warrant a picture last night. Not much has changed since the last picture.

Knit on...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Run, Tubby, Run!

OK, those of you who read this blog with any regularity know that I am a University of Kentucky fan. I graduated from there, DBF graduated from there, and my dad graduated from there. I have a strong connection to UK. I also by default have a strong connection to UK basketball. Growing up in Florida, I was the oddball in the school who didn't like any Florida teams, but instead cheered on the Cats. Cat fans can be rough, just ask any coach who's ever been at UK, but we demand to be national contenders every year. The past 10 years, we've started to go downhill a bit. We're not winning the SEC or advancing farther than the second round of the NCAA. That's enough to make most Cat fans a little concerned. So who do we blame?

Tubby. We blame Tubby Smith. He's a nice enough guy, but nice isn't enough for UK. We'd rather have a Bobby Knight personality that gives us wins. Sorry, Tubby, that's just the way it is. So, Tubby is taking the smart way out of this. He's leaving before he gets fired. Good for him.

Now we're going to need a new coach. I know this will piss off some people, but can Petino come back? I was watching Louisville play in the tourney and they are just fun to watch. Petino teams are fast. Anyways, on to some knitting content!

I've finished a complete pattern repeat on the Fiddlehead scarf. Two more repeats to go. It would go much faster if there weren't all these wrapped stitches to create a dropped stitch look to the thing. Take a look:2 and a half fiddleheads done now. I was dumb and forgot to put my stitch markers back on, but I think I will be able to remember fifteen stitches until I can get them back on. If I don't, please remind me that I said my memory was good enough to remember the number 15.

I'll leave you with a random Spooky shot from last night. Yep, I'm wearing those socks to death, well, twice anyways. Had to wash them in between!

Knit on...

Thursday, March 22, 2007


That's the only way to describe my knitting last night. I didn't get to knit much because I had to clean the house from top to bottom since the home owners are coming in this afternoon and I have to vacate. Spooky was taken last night to stay with her great-grandparents until I get over there this afternoon after work. I'm sure I will get a few thumps for that. She doesn't like to leave her house very much.

Anyways, after I cleaned and sanitized (figured I should kill any remaining flu virus hanging out around the house) everything, replaced my toothbrush head (Mom, you'd be proud!), and washed every article of clothing that I had yet to take care of, I sat down to knit. It was already 8 by this time, so I didn't have that much time to knit before I needed to go to bed, but I still knit.

No, I slogged. While I like the result of the fiddlehead scarf pattern, the knitting on it has been hurting my wrists some. I think it's the massive amounts of wrapped stitches and having to shove them around on the addis that is aggravating my wrists. I managed to complete two rows on the scarf (a row is like 400 stitches when at the point I'm at in the pattern) before I had to quit from my wrists bugging me. I grabbed my cool pack from the freezer and that helped them some. I think I just knit too much while sick and irritated the wrists from overuse. Anyone like to buy me these from patternworks?

Anyways, I didn't get to SnB yesterday at lunch because of an impromptu lunch section meeting. While I normally don't object eating Thai food on a Wednesday, I do object to missing SnB with Kim and the new people who showed up yesterday and I have yet to meet. Hi, new people! Kim says you're cool!

Better get some work done before I have to go to my class. The mornings are useless for me on class days :oP

Knit on...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I had mentioned on Monday that I had started the fiddlehead scarf from Morehouse Farm Merino, but I realized that I didn't post any pictures of it. It's going to be hard to photograph while on the needles just simply because it is being knit lengthwise and it's on a 32" circular when it's actually 65ish inches long. Anyways, here is my best attempt at photographing the thing.
Hey, Erica, see that stitch marker hanging off the bottom right corner? Remember giving me those? I use those things more than any other markers that I have! Love them! (Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the yarn that I promised to send you, I've just been dealing with the creeping crud for the past month and haven't gotten my lazy arse to the post office. I will soon though!)
A little shot of the wrapped stitches after they've been stretched out a little bit. I'm almost done with the first pattern repeat. There are three repeats in all and I could get them done quickly if I would just work on the thing.

It's a little blurry, but I wanted to show the curly-Qs on the end of the scarf. There will be seven of these little guys. They really do remind me of fiddlehead ferns. I'm going to try to have this done by the Cumberland Falls photography weekend. DBF, DBF's mom, and I go to this competition every year down at Cumberland Falls to shoot nature photography. I really like shooting fiddlehead ferns since each one is unique and they all have different degrees of curliness to them before they bloom out completely. Given this, I thought it would be nice to have this pretty dainty scarf for the evening workshops and slideshows.

I also worked some on the sock while I played poker last night. You'll remember how much I got done on Monday. Now, here's what I got done last night:

I finished the heel flap and turned the heel. I started to pick up stitches when I was put out of the tourney. Overall, this took me less than 30 was a short poker night, but that's OK. I was able to sleep well last night after the chiropractor figured out what was going on. He took an x-ray of my shoulder and there were these little white spots around the joint that he said were calcium deposits. Apparently they are really common for ex-athletes who have stopped playing for several years. I was a pitcher, so that made sense to me. Anyways, he used this ultrasound machine on my arm then took another x-ray and they were all gone! They dissolve under ultrasound waves, so that was pretty cool. Plus my arm felt a lot better too and I was able to sleep. That'll make me much more bearable when I go see Kim during lunch for the first SnB with us in a long time. We normally would go to ReBelle, but her schedule is so tight that we're just going to meet in her office area so we have more time for the bitching part of Stitch and Bitch :oP

Knit on...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two FOs, a Bunny, and a WIP

I have pictures! Alert the media! Anyways, here is the first FO: a crocheted pullover from a ball band off a ball of Bernat Soft Boucle. It's big and fluffy and warm, so it serves its purpose. Even better, the yarn came from my stash, so I just used up another 5 balls out of it!
It started out as a turtleneck, but after working the collar for a while, I decided it would be a roll neck and I think I like it better this way. It's big enough to get a heavy shirt under it and not add any more bulk to it too, so it's good for the winter. Here's a close-up of the sleeve:
This is more true to color than the first one. I also finished the pair of green chameleon socks just in time for St. Patty's Day, even though I was still too sick to go out and enjoy a green beer. Here is the sock slide show:
They are Spooky approved, so all is well. I think these have become my favorite pair of socks so far. And yes, I am anal in that my socks have to match, so I have to find the pattern repeat and start at the same place for each sock so that the stripes match. That may not last long though since I am working with some hand-dyed superwash merino that I got off Etsy eons ago and I keep petting it as though it is alive and I know the socks are not going to match perfectly. Spooky didn't like this attention that the sock was getting, so it got ugly real fast...
Hard to tell, but those are KnitPicks DPNs with a sock in progress that she is attacking there. I made the mistake of setting them down on the floor. I think she won:
She was happy to be petted some. But she kept staring at me while I knit on the sock:
And speaking of:

I'm already to the heel flap after poker last night. I stayed later than I thought I would because I kept winning. It's a nice problem to have when you can get it. I finished second, but really wish I could have managed a first out of that. I took my t-shirt for second and then came home and crashed, but couldn't get to sleep because my arm was hurting. Today I will go to the chiropractor and see what he can do to help it since my doctor can't get me in until next week. At this rate, I'll be crazy by next week from lack of sleep. Come on caffeine, kick in...

Oh, and they brought in Florida strawberries at the grocery this week. I bought three cartons. I'm content.

Knit on...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to the Grind

Yup, I'm back at work, though I'd rather be in bed right now. I'll have some pictures tomorrow about current knitting and crocheting. While I was sick, I managed to finish two projects. I finished an over-sized crochet pullover out of Bernat Soft Boucle and the current pair of socks. I cast on another pair now and I started knitting the Fiddlehead scarf pattern from Morehouse Farm Merino. I'm liking the new sock yarn and the new scarf pattern too. Doesn't take much to amuse me anymore.

Anyways, I'm back to work and I'll be normal with posting again now that I am.

Knit on...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Flu, meet Knitting Magic Girl, Knitting Magic Girl, meet the Flu

Uh, yeah...

This sucks...

I hate to complain so much, but these past two weeks have been killer as far as the sickness goes. First bronchitis and now the flu. Blah. The doctor assured me that Tamiflu would make my symptoms speed up and go away within 5 days and without meds it would be 2 weeks.

Oh, and Spooky says hi, she's attacking my feet now. Not now, rabbit.

On the bright side, I have a lot of time to knit since I can't get back in to work until Monday. I should be finished with my crochet sweater today. I have tons of time, so I may even try to upload some pictures using dial-up. We'll see.

Knit on...

And get a flu shot...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me...

I've got a fever this morning and chills and body aches. Ah hell. I'm going to the doctor to nip this in the butt. I can't believe this string of colds I have been having. I also feel really stupid today since I forgot my grandmother's birthday. How sad is that? My dad had to call me up to remind me to call her. I'm usually the reliable grandkid. I feel like I've lost a week somewhere and I didn't realize yesterday was the 13th. I sent flowers last night to be delivered today along with a teddy bear. Still can't believe I did that. Time to call the doctor and see when I can get in and figure out why I keep catching everything. I wonder if the mold at work could be doing anything. AH hell.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Flu and a Heel Flap

Well, the crud that I had last week appears to have gone to DBF now. My doctor told me that I had bronchitis and gave me antibiotics to cure it. She did a Strep test, but never did a flu test. DBF was feeling so bad yesterday that I took him to the doctor after work. They did a flu test. Bingo. I hope I had the flu so that I don't get a double whammy from this. I know DBF feels like hell, so any good wishes for him would be much appreciated.

Also, did you know that Tamiflu costs like 100 bucks without insurance? Rediculous. Anyways...

I worked a little on the second sock and finished the heel flap. Gotta turn the heel at lunch today.
I also have a swatch that has been sitting at my house since last week. You can't see it in this picture, but it's got three different cables on it. I'm taking this to poker tonight so that Kim can figure out which cable she likes the best and I can start working on the monster of a duster. Here's the swatch:

It's homespun in Edwardian colorway. The cables really pop out when you see it in person. I'll try to shoot it in black and white sometime and see if that will make the cables pop out here. I would have taken this to poker last night, but I spent the evening with DBF, watching Rome and Lingo and "helping" him finish off the Krispy Kreme donuts from Sunday. Did I mention that I was back on Weight Watchers? :oP Seriously, I only had one 4 point donut and I counted it, so all is well.

Knit on...

Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm Back

And I still feel tired and sick, but I'm back to work this morning and back to blogging. Apparently this is a contagious little bugger of a cold since everyone in the cubicle area caught it and now DBF has it. In other words, avoid anyone who is coughing like the plague.

On Thursday, DBF called me to tell me he had won tickets to go see Bob Seager in concert for that evening. We went and I hacked up a storm, but the concert was really good. The Silver Bullet Band was really good and I think made the show even better. Go see him in concert if you can, it's worth it. Even better when it's free though :oP

Friday I was back to feeling sick, so I stayed home and sacked out. I really wanted to do the same thing this morning, but my sick time is almost all gone and I should probably save some in case I catch something again. With the way I've been going here recently, it's only a matter of time...

Saturday and Sunday were pretty uneventful since DBF caught my cold and was feeling like I did earlier in the week. It sucks that he caught it too. I thought for sure that I would be past contagious by Thursday, but apparently not. I probably infected the other people around us too if that's the case. I did some knitting of course and I finished the gecko scarf.
Spooky had to check it out of course. I really don't like this scarf. I had a feeling I wouldn't like it as I was knitting it, but it was confirmed after I finished it. I'll hold on to it until I find someone that this would make a good gift for. I also did some spinning and finished two skeins of green superwash yarn.

I'll be adding that to my Etsy store as soon as I figure out yardage. I was too lazy when skeining to figure it out, so I'll do that sometime this week. I'm also about to add all that red handspun to the Etsy store. I'll post a link on my blog sidebar as soon as I get it up and running. I'm trying to get out of credit card debt, so maybe one of the things I bought to get in debt will help me get out :oP

Knit on...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Mason Dixon Knitting After Dark Nightie, plus a few other WIPS

Yeah, I have pictures today. I originally planned to have this Mrs. Robinson seducing slide show type thing, but when I took a close look at the pictures, they were a little too revealing, even for Mrs. Robinson :oP So instead, here are the nice shots of the nightie without showing too much skin :oP
I couldn't get the same shot they had in the book. I have a feeling theirs involved starch to get the thing to stick out like it did. Plus I'm not a professional photographer. I really enjoyed knitting this nightie. I enjoyed the lace...
The vine lace tickled me to no end for some reason. I may have to use that in some other pattern whenever I get around to designing lace. It'll be a while, trust me. I enjoyed knitting the top lace section too...
I really liked that it didn't come out wonky like the back. Concentration helps when it comes to that I suppose. I am giggly about the hot pink straps...
Heck, I like everything about this nightie...

It really is a lovely pattern. You could substitute any sport weight yarn for this easilly if you didn't want to shell out the money for Euroflax. It also may not take as much as what the pattern calls for. I had to make the XXL size because I have rather large boobs and the pattern called for 5 skeins, but I only used 3 and a little of a fourth skein.

I'm also working on a couple of other things now. I have ressurected the gecko scarf and I'm almost to the tail decreases. I'm hoping to be done with this scarf tonight or tomorrow.

I'm also working on finishing the second Chameleon sock. I'm really liking this yarn. Good pick, Kim!

Now that I've probably crashed your computers today, I'll go do some work. I'm actually feeling better now after another day off work. I even went to the bookstore last night and lasted about an hour before I needed to head home and crash again. I'm not hacking up vital organs this morning at least, so I'm getting better now.

Knit on...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stupid Me

Stupid me forgot the CD with the pictures on it this morning, so it'll be tomorrow before I get any pictures on here. My head is still not right courtesy of this dumb cold and two of my coworkers have it now. I suspect that the guy who is in the far cubicle caught it last week and infected the rest of the room. He was out the last half of the week and I'm going to guess that's why. Gotta love the winter season and all the colds that are associated with it. You would think that cold weather would slow viruses and crap down. I guess not.

I knitted some more on the sock yesterday and finished the first one. I'm past the ribbing on the second one now and will work some more on it today at lunch and at home. I also started a crochet sweater for myself out of Bernat soft boucle from my stash. I am really trying to use up as much yarn as I can right now. I want to try to condense the stash down to one big container before I have to move out of the house when the owners come back. It'll just be less to move then.

There will be pictures tomorrow unless I am once again a dumbass who forgets the CD that is lying right on the table as plain as day.

Knit on...

Monday, March 05, 2007

From Home

I'm at home today, so this will be short post. The creeping crud hit me hard last night, so I'm using one of my sick days to recover. On the good side, I finished the nightie and will have a post about it tomorrow assuming nothing else hits me today and Spooky doesn't tear my feet to shreds. I also have finished a swatch for the duster and will have the chick pick out which cable she likes the best for it and then I'll start designing. Anyways, I need a shower and then a nap, so I'll have a better post tomorrow.

Knit on...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Brain Fart

OK, so I had a mild brain fart this morning. I took a picture of the sock-in-progress, put it on a CD, put the CD in a little envelope, packed it in my Weight Watchers bag and then forgot the bag. Oh well. Please use your imagination and imagine a blue and green striping sock just past the point of turning the heel and working on the gusset decreases. There, good as a picture, right?

Anyways, I finished the waist increases and the bust darts last night for the nightgown. All I have left is the top border and then seam 'er up. I should be done with it this weekend and I'll have a little slide show to put up here about the adventures of the nightie.

I played poker last night and finished fourth in the tournament which was pretty good for me. I had pretty crappy cards all night, but I managed to just turn the heel of the sock and pick up stitches and fold all those crappy cards. Pretty bad when you only play three hands all night and you finish fourth. The hands I played were pretty big ones :oP

Gotta go get my passport today. I've been trying to get it earlier this week, but it hasn't worked out yet. I have planned on leaving early today to go get it, so hopefully it'll be taken care of. Did you know that you have to put down a country that you plan to visit when you apply for a passport now? Why do you have to do this? Currently I don't know where I want to go, I just want to have my passport in case I decide to go somewhere and so that I can apply for jobs that may require me to travel. I think I'm going to put down Ireland for 2020 or something like that. I've always wanted to go there... :oP

Knit on...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rounding Third and Heading for Home

That's what I'm doing on the Mason Dixon Knitting After Dark Nightgown. I finished the waist decreases for it last night. Now all I have is an inch plus twelve rows before I do some bust darts and the top lace border. It's almost there! I'm excited. I'm hoping I can finish it today before poker. I'll have to work on the sock at poker tonight because I need to concentrate on the border since I made the back panel slightly wonky and I don't want to do the same for the front. Here's the work in progress:

I'm really hoping to finish this tonight so that I can do some seaming tomorrow and really photograph this work well this weekend. I think I might need DBF's help on this one :oP

That's all I worked on last night. I wanted to get through the decreases, so I worked on that while catching up on Heroes (didn't realize how behind I was...) and by the time I got done, it was time for me to get to bed since Thursday is one of my early days at work thanks to class. I watched a little of another tape in my bedroom (Simpsons I think, was what I was watching...I fell asleep while watching it, so don't remember much about it) and then admitted defeat to the sleep gods.

Today I am watching it rain. It's supposed to rain and storm pretty much all day. Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

Knit on...