Saturday, June 08, 2013

What Can Happen in Six Months?

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I last wrote a post on here.  It's been an interesting six months, with many things that have happened, but I think I'm just going to catch you up with what all I have been doing recently.

After I wound up in the boot from tearing the tendons in my foot (hard to believe that was already a year ago!), I noticed I was having an issue with knitting and my hand hurting, so I wasn't able to knit very much.  I did do some scrapbooking, some knitting for as long as my hand could stand it, and some spinning.

In the past 6 months, I have only knit a couple of things.  First, I knit one sock, which I just finished this weekend:
I also have been working on a jacket out of the yak fiber that DF brought me from Nepal:
So, not a whole lot of knitting progress to post about.  A couple of weekends ago though, DF and I went to the sheep and fiber festival and I decided I would get a loom.  I picked up the 15 inch cricket loom and I have been cranking out the woven goods ever since.  First, I wove a scarf as a practice piece:
Then, I wove a scarf out of some hand spun corriedale wool:
After I finished that scarf, I tried my hand at a bag:
Finally, I tried my hand at some plaid colorwork:
Right now, I have another bag on the loom:
So, I am cranking out the woven things now, which makes me feel like the fiber arts have returned in my life.  I was missing playing with yarn, and now I have a way to do that again!
Oh, and this weekend, DF and I decided to go to the beer cheese festival.  Yes, they really do have a beer cheese festival.  We ate at least 17 different types of beer cheese and cast our vote for which one we felt was the best.  We saw lots of different vendors that were not beer cheese related, and then we saw that we were walking on Beer Cheese Blvd:
I think we are officially beer cheesed out now.
Knit on...or weave on...

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