Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wind in the Willows Clue One

So I joined the Wind in the Willows KAL from The Unique Sheep and got my first clue in my email box yesterday.  I went home and finished my run, then sat down to work on the clue.  I had some trouble starting out since anything that lacey on tiny needles in the round gets a bit wonky at first, but overall, I like how it turned out:
Bad picture from early in the morning, but you get the idea.  I can't wait for this to get big enough that I can get it off the DPNs and onto my Karbonz circulars since the points on those are much sharper and will make this much easier to do.  Plus, I won't get the laddering that I am getting a little of in the first clue.

Knit on...

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