Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yarn, What Do You Want To Be?

Dear sport weight maroon merino,

Please tell me what you want to be. I tried to go by the wrongly labeled label on you that said you were DK weight. I swatched a million times for Simple Knitted Bodice and could never get gauge. Then I looked at you more closely. Hm, you looked too thin to be DK weight to me. So I grabbed another ball from the stash and sure enough, the wrong label was on you. I looked up sport weight yarn patterns and found that I really liked Jaden from I have even continued to knit four repeats of this lace pattern and you look like this:I can't even see those pretty purl ridges that make Jaden so nice looking. In fact, I'm kinda loathing how you look right now.

So I think I will rip this out when I return to knitting on you on Sunday evening. I'm putting you aside for the weekend and picking up the traveling Jaywalker sock since I'm, well, traveling this weekend. Perhaps Jaywalker and I can talk and come up with a solution. Or maybe you can just tell me already what you really want to be. You're soft and a pretty color, and I really want a sweater that fits right now, so you're next to be knit. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Frustrated MagicKnitter


tinebeest said...

Erm, have you tried washing and blocking a swatch with the pattern? Lace usually looks like cat barf until it has been through that, even the heavier weight yarns.

But if it doesn't want to be a lacy number, then the yarn will have to speak up!

Knitting Magic Girl said...

The pattern itself is fine and the lace is fine. The problem is that the yarn is so dark that it doesn't show off the ridges the way that it should to make this sweater look right. It's more of a color issue than anything. I think it's going to probably turn into Pioneer now.