Friday, January 10, 2014

A New Year and a New Goal

It's a new year and I have set a resolution that involves knitting.  For my birthday, DF gave me a copy of the book 50 Knitted Gifts. 

 I decided that since I am always frantic around the holidays trying to finish up presents, I would get a head start by working through all 50 projects in the book in the next year.  Most of the projects I like, but right off the bat, the first project kind of irked me.  I just couldn't get behind the concept of the knitted necklace.  

I have nothing against knitted necklaces.  I even took a class with Betsy H. at Stitches South a couple of years ago on how to make knitted beads.  I think the main issue I had with this interpretation of a knitted necklace was the construction.  I thought each bead was rather fiddly to make.  The original pattern calls for 36 beads, and I only made 20.  I'm still not sure if I would give this as a knitted gift or not.  I guess I just need to see if anyone likes it when I show it to them.

Anyways, here is the finished necklace made out of some leftover handspun yarn:
Sorry for the dark picture.  You can at least get the idea of what it looks like.

Knit on...

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