Monday, March 24, 2008

Finished Monkeys and a New Project

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I managed to actually get in some pretty good knitting time this weekend even if we did have a big family dinner on Saturday. I finished the Monkeys:I really like how they turned out. I should have gotten someone to take pictures of them from the floor angle, but you get the basic idea anyways. They fit perfectly even though I knit them on 1.5's instead of 2's like the pattern called for. 2's would have been too loose I think.

I also started on the Kiri shawl out of the Kauni yarn:I really like how it almost looks like a sunset so far. The yarn is gorgeous with the color changes and it's really knitting up fast. Hopefully I'll be done with this soon so I can have another finished large lace project under my belt before picking up that dragon shawl again. No, I haven't forgotten it, I'm just procrastinating. I think it might make for good summer knitting when I don't want to see heavy wool.

Lastly, I'll leave you with my favorite picture from this weekend:That's my grandfather and one of the newest editions to the family, Chloe. She's just now walking and had to find the candy in my grandpa's hand.

Knit on...

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Brian said...

Chole is cute! :O)