Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Good Friday

I always feel weird saying happy Good Friday since it's kind of a solemn day for Christians. Easter is the big one where everyone is happy, but Good Friday is always that time where you focus on the death. Anyways, happy Good Friday and a happy Easter to everyone out there. I'll also say happy any other holiday that hits around the Spring Equinox.

Anyways, I'm lazy and I don't have any pictures of the monkeys. I almost finished them last night, but the Seder meal went longer than I thought it would and I was just too tired when I got home to think about anything aside from sleep. I crashed and was asleep by 10, up at 5 and exercised this morning. Maybe at lunch I'll be able to get them done. Either way, I'm casting on a shawl this weekend with the Kauni yarn, so hopefully I'll be able to finish the other sock too, but if not, oh well.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Knit on...


Brian said...

Kauni - Yarp.

nipper said...

Taking a break from knitting myself this weekend; family's more important right now. Can't wait to see your finished monkeys! Hoppy Easter!