Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stitchin' and Bitchin' at Panera

So last night, since I needed to run out to Best Buy anyways, I headed over to Panera to meet up with Renee and Kim for some stitch time. Renee and I had the wonderful idea that lace knitting in a public place is a good idea, but by some miracle, I don't think either of us ended up totally screwing up our projects. Kim was the smart one who brought a plain sock to work on, but we all had a good time anyways.

I worked some on the generic sock for Erica:I'm rather glad that this sock didn't fit me. I was comparing sock yarns this weekend and realized that Lorna's is pretty much all I want to wear on my feet. I even made my grandmother pet yarn to feel the difference between the Lorna's Laces and the ONline that I'm working with now and she could see why I've become a Lorna's snob. I just found a yarn I like and whenever it goes on sale or I have extra money lying around, I'll keep picking up more of it.

Anyways, I also finished the 8th chart 2 repeat on the Sunset Kiri:Yeah, I did put in a lifeline before I started knitting on lace while in a public place. At least my brain wasn't totally fried to remember to do that. The shawl is growing rather fast and I only have 4-5 chart 2 repeats left before I think I'll be ready to work on the edging. It's probably me being way too optimistic again, but it'd be great to finish a nice lace shawl by this weekend so that I can spend some quality time blocking it. I'll see if I can get a couple of repeats done tonight too.

Knit on...


Brian said...

Fried rice.

asterpurl said...

Your Kiri looks great!
I'm still finishing up this pi shawl. Just a few more rows and then the border... and then on to another shawl!