Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Day of 12's

Ok, today has been an awesome day and it has all revolved around the number 12. First off, it's February 12, so there's the first one. This morning, the art teacher who I had brought back knitting needles for decided to repay me by giving me 12 pounds of laceweight! Yes, it's 12 pounds, looks to be German, and by my knitter's eye, bears a striking resemblance to Jaggerspun Zephyr:That is a normal toilet paper tube to give you scale. The color is actually pretty dead on in this picture, but it does have a little more gray in it. 12 pounds! How many freaking shawls will that make?

Today was also graduation day at the school and one of my students who is mentally slow came over and brought his parents. We took some pictures together and then his mom kept shaking my hand and gave me these:12 roses (ok, on closer inspection, looks like more, but for the sake of the 12 thing, we'll say it's a dozen).

It was so sweet of them to give those to me.

I also finished the first sock after throwing the chart out the window and just "reading" what the lace was doing and finishing it that way:Only down side of today was that I think I really hate picot bind off edging:
It just rolls more than I like. Anyways, if that's the worst of the day, then I'm doing damn good!

Knit on...

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robyn said...

Holy crap, that will make over 50 shawls. You could probably break some off and overdye it to give you more color options (my guess is that blue is going to get old pretty fast. Have a great vacation!!