Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Current Sock

Since I always have a sock on the needles and haven't shown any pictures of that here recently, here is a picture of the sock in progress:I enjoyed the last pair of Broadripple socks that I made out of the Panopticon colorway that I decided to make one more pair of them. The pattern is very easy to memorize, so it makes it very easy to work on while sitting on a bus.

The colorway is South Shore in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. It was gifted to me my Linda in the LYS swap and I knew it would be turned into something pretty as soon as the Panopticon socks were off the needles. Of course, now that I have my yarn on a bookshelf and not in a box, I can see that I only have 7 skeins of yarn left, so only enough for 4 more pairs of socks out of the Lorna's. I think I may have to remedy this pretty soon :oP The next pair of socks will be out of Knit Picks Essential sock yarn so that I can gaze at the pretty Shepherd Sock that will wait for me :oP

Hope everyone has a great weekend! On Monday, a virtual tour of my new apartment!

Knit on...

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