Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yep, so my knitting has come to an almost complete standstill this week. My right hand is not cooperating with me at all. It really hasn't cooperated with me since I climbed Mt. Halla while on vacation and I know the reason why.

When I was climbing, I had one of those hiking stick things that they sell everywhere here. It was a real lifesaver, especially when it came to helping me down the mountain, but I had a death-grip on the thing. Apparently having a death-grip on something for 11 hours may lead to both hand cramps and random numb fingers while knitting. Since I have dealt with this before, I at least know the exercises I need to do to make my hand get back to normal. The bad part? Last time this happened, it took a while for my hand to get back to normal. So, I may end up pulling out the cross stitch tonight if I have no luck with the knitting.


Also, I wanted to put a formal goodbye to my Uncle Chuck on here today. He passed away Yesterday and was 91. It sounds like he went in his sleep and his children were all there, so that sounds rather peaceful for him. He and my Aunt Marty were two very adventurous people who pioneered some things that we take for granted today. Uncle Chuck was one of the biggest pushers for mandantory seatbelts in cars when the issue first began and I know that has led to many lives being saved. So, farewell Uncle Chuck! You and Marty both will be missed, but you'll live on in all our lives!

Knit on...

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