Thursday, September 03, 2009


I'm definitely more consistent in my posts now that my hand is not giving me hell to knit! I did my required 4 rows on the sweater last night:It's growing nicely I think. The only reason I didn't get more done on that last night is because I brought home my work project to finish off the Dumbledore socks:I really, really like these socks! They fit perfectly (yeah, it's easier knitting socks for me since I can judge the size!) and I really like the colors in the socks.

And needless to say, I'm wearing them today! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I intend to start working on my next work project today and we'll see how far I can get on it this weekend.

Knit on...


Kim Colley said...

I like the socks! Where'd you get the yarn?

Knitting Magic Girl said...

I bought it at My Knits Studio in Seoul a month or so ago. It's Opal yarn's Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince line in the Dumbledore colorway.