Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Blob

Yes, the big, lace blob! The Aeolian shawl has grown more this weekend and I'm almost to the edging on it now. But let me tell ya, nupps may very well be the bane of my existence when it comes to this shawl. They take me so long to make, but they do look very good with the design, so I'm not leaving them out just because I find them to be a pain. Here's the shawl progress so far:Even with the number of lace things I have made now, I am still fascinated how such a blobby piece of wool can transform into this delicate wonder when it's all finished. It is the magic of lace, and there is real magic there for me.

I know that I was wondering where my knitting mojo had gone last week. Well, I found it. Once again, it's in the magic that is called lace.

Now if that magic can heal me of this stupid lung funk/cold. Come on lace!

Knit on...

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Lori said...

the blob is going to be fabulous!!!! That is what I love about lace as well. hang in there, hope you feel better.