Monday, April 12, 2010

Once a Week Blogging?

Yep, I think I have become a once a week blogger for knitting courtesy of stealth projects and lack of knitting mojo. There have been good days for knitting, or like last night, no knitting at all.

Now to be fair, I have a head cold, so right now the only thing I really feel like doing is watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on the internet and going to bed. Tonight though, I will be knitting some on the wedding shawl for Sally, so I'll hopefully have something to show you then.

Any of you other knit bloggers out there have a similar problem? Is it just knitting doldrums that hit every now and then for us all? I'm sure hoping they go away soon. I miss my hyper desire for playing with sticks and string!

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Anonymous said...

I was in the knitting doldrums for weeks after the conclusion of the Ravelympics. I get that way after an extended bout of Christmas knitting, too. I just don't want to knit when there's pressure.