Monday, June 07, 2010

Instant Gratification

Since the past few projects have basically sucked the life out of me, I decided I wanted to make something very instantly gratifying. My friend Julia has been making tiny squares in double crochet for a baby cardigan. The pattern is called Little Squares funny enough and it is quite cute. Click on the name, check the pattern out, and then come back.

Ok, welcome back. Since I am even faster at crocheting than I am at knitting, I cranked out the 90 squares needed for the cardigan in under 2 hours. Here they are:The squares are very cute, but they are the fastest part of this cardigan. Then comes the sewing of the squares. Last night, I managed to sew up 28 of the 90 squares, which means the back of the cardigan is done:Sorry for the upside-down picture, but you get the idea anyways. It's really quite cute and very, very colorful.

I'll probably get the rest of the pieces sewn today sometime, so I'll have pictures for you tomorrow.

Knit on...

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