Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monkey on my Back

I decided to revive a project that was put on hold once the school said I wasn't allowed to knit on my breaks anymore. I had been working on a pair of socks at that point, but they were more travel knitting than something I wanted to work on at home. Now, I need another knitting project so that I can have something to show you all since I can't show you the things I'm working on for the secret project I have going. So, I leave you today with the tan monkey socks:Oh, and I finished a hat. Not than I can show you the hat, but take my word on it. Now I'm working on the medium size of the same hat.

Also, as the patterns become more time consuming than the hat I am working on, I'm going to need some test knitters. If you're interested, leave a comment with some way I can contact you and I will be in touch in the next few months.

Knit on...


Just a Thought said...

I would love to be a test knitter. Let me know when you need me.

Anonymous said...

Your school banned knitting on breaks? That's weird.

If you need me, I'm available for test-knitting. :) Contact me on facebook or rav (or email if you have that).

- Denise