Tuesday, June 01, 2010


No, not the Evenstar. I am going to be completed with clue 6 tonight and then will start clue 7, but rather, I finished my job and am now on vacation. I was originally going to work another 2 weeks beyond the end of my contract, but there was an issue with the amount I would be paid for the full time work, so in the end, I chose to be a bum.

But now, think of the knitting time! Sure, a lot of it won't be bloggable, but I'll make sure that I keep at least one thing going that I can keep you all updated on.

But talk about a feeling of relief. It's weird to be without a job now, but I feel as if a huge weight has come off my shoulders. I forget sometimes just how stressed I would get here. There's always a language barrier, even if the coteachers are pretty much fluent in English. Then there's the cultural differences, and lastly, the administration who had a tendency to be so blasted nit-picky that they would drive me insane. But now it's over. I get to work on some things that I am really passionate about and I'm really looking forward to the creative time that I'm going to have now.

But this week is all about finishing Evenstar. Back to work...

Knit on...

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Janis said...

Woo! Congratulations. I hope you enjoy your last bit there. :)