Friday, September 17, 2010


Sometimes life gets in the way of my posting stuff. This week, life is deciding that my hormone levels are fun to play with.

For those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I do on occassion (read: all the freaking time) have some issues with being an estrogen factory. Well, turns out I'm now lacking a lot of it, from get this, losing weight! Stored fat apparently produces estrogens and since I have 80 pounds less of it, I'm not quite the factory I used to be.

So, this week I saw my wonderful doctor-who-keeps-me-regulated-and-sane, and we changed meds. For the first two days, I was nauseous as hell. And I was cranky. And tired. And, well, just feeling rather crummy. On the third day (today actually) I have started feeling wonderful. I'm regulated again, thank goodness.

So in the past week, I have knit a heel flap and turned the heel on the second red sock. That's it. I did do some spinning, and tonight I'm going to do some more before going to bed. So, since I did promise you pictures, here is the pair of worsted weight green socks I made for the family friend with cancer:That's it for tonight. Hopefully this next week is much more fiber-friendly and less hot-flash related!

Knit on...


KitschKitten said...

I love those socks! The color is great. I've been knitting forever and still run screaming from turning a heel!

get facebook fans said...

very nice sox!