Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tour de Fleece Wrap Up

I didn't get a whole lot of spinning done this week since I was pretty much consumed at work with the audit, but I did manage to finish the final skein of llama yarn.  This morning, it is soaking in the sink with the rest of the Tour's yarns, so let me give you a wrap up and a final picture.

I spun 901 yards of yarn.  There are 640 yards of the Bob's Favorite Bird and 261 yards of llama yarn.  The Bob's Favorite Bird Shetland yarn is approximately 12 WPI and the llama yarn is approximately 9 WPI.  I'm happy I stuck with the Tour this year and I'm proud to show off the final product:

Now the yarns are soaking and I need to get them out in just a minute.

Knit on...

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