Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not Knitting Fiber Goodness, and Some Travel Pictures

This weekend, I didn't knit a single stitch. I just wasn't in the mood to play with multiple pointed sticks, so I pulled out the poor neglected dragon cross-stitch and I actually finished the dragon part and am now working on the border. After five years, the end is in sight for this project!I probably will only work on this while at home at night, but I'm hoping the thing will be finished by the end of this week. I'm also working on Pomatomus from while at work. Always have to have a work sock.

I also have some travel pictures for you all. First up, Bangkok:We went to the zoo and saw meerkats. Kathy, this one is for you :oPThere were also sleepy tigers, giant lizards (that actually were wild and had nothing to do with the zoo, even though in America they'd be on display), and elephants. There are also temples in Bangkok:There are also temples in Chiang Mai, but there was one imparticular temple that just cracked me up:Yes, that is Donald Duck, eating something with chopsticks, standing in front of this massive temple in Chiang Mai. When I first saw it, I wondered if I had been slipped something, but I knew I hadn't. Yep, there he was. Go figure.There are also elephants who were nice enough to allow us to ride them. We called this one Stampy. Quick, what's the reference to that name?We spent some time with the hilltribes near Chiang Mai. She is from the Karen tribe which actually is a tribe of refugees from Myamar (Burma). They were very nice and their neck rings were very pretty.
They also happen to be weavers. This lady and I had a connection through that swift and the silk she was winding into a ball. I made the motion for knitting and she had that moment of instant recognition. Knitting is universal, people. It's its own language!

We also spent lots of time on Koh Phangan, but I didn't take many pictures due to the massive sunburn that I had only a few days into that part of the trip.This was a sunset as seen from the restaurant at the resort. It was really nice.

It was a fun trip and it was very interesting to see a whole new part of the world and a whole new culture. I never did find any yarn, but all things considered, I guess that was OK :oP

Knit on...

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Anonymous said...

Stampy is the name of the elephant from The Simpsons! I wasn't quick, but no one else got it, so I thought I would end the mystery. :OP