Friday, August 29, 2008

Work hit me like a ton of bricks!

Yep, I'm back to work, teaching and trying to get the kids to talk, and trying to stay awake myself. To add to the tiredness today, there is an after school teacher's dinner to honor our vice principal who has been promoted to principal of another school. I didn't get the Thailand pictures off my camera yet, so it'll be Monday before those get up more than likely. But I did take some pictures of the travel knitting last night with the point and shoot camera:First up, finished Lorna's Laces Hedera socks. I have been wearing them all day today and I have to admit that the stretchy lace just isn't staying up well on my leg. I keep pulling them up to readjust and stuff.Close up of the lace for you all.Finished OnLine RPM socks, though the picture doesn't show off the stitch pattern nearly as well as it stands out in real life. These socks are going to DF's mom.Finished vanilla Lorna's Laces socks for my grandmother with tiny feet.

I also signed up for Mystery Stole 4. All I have is the leftover KnitPicks Shimmer in the tourquoise colorway, so I'm just going to use that seeing as I'm now completely broke after going on vacation and then sending money to my bank at home. I'm not sure who this shawl will be for. We'll see who it reminds me of when it's all said and done.

Time to take a desk nap before we all go out to eat in a couple of hours.

Knit on...


asterpurl said...

Great socks!
Hope you had a wonderful time in Thailand and get back in the work groove soon!

Kim Colley said...

OMG, those Hedera socks are gorgeous. You've turned me into a Lorna's Laces fan. The colors have this subtle stained glass effect, even the solids, that makes them shine. Beautiful socks!