Monday, August 04, 2008

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere!

Ok, time for the pictures. I'll be adding a link to the Japan pictures once they get all uploaded into Flickr OK and I can make a new set for them. Here's some knitting pictures first though:These are kids' socks made out of Knitpicks Dancing yarn. I only had one partial skein of it, so I decided that I couldn't make socks that were adult size. I was originally going to make a pair for my mom out of this yarn, but there's no way I would have had enough. These will probably be donated to charity so that they don't go to waste.Here is the finished Broad Street Mitten for Erica. I still need to weave in the ends of this one. This is the state of the current mitten on the needles. I'm hoping to be all finished with this one by the end of the day. I'm still trying to debate on what to take with me to Thailand to work on. I'm afraid that one ball of sock yarn probably won't be enough, so I need to decide what else to take.

Ok, on to a few Japan pictures. First up, we saw the hypocenter of the atomic bomb that fell in Nagasaki:The closer I got to the center of that monument, the more chilling it was to know the destruction that occurred there. Nagasaki is now all about peace, even though most of the tourist things to see there are all about violence. We headed to Kyoto after Nagasaki and we saw Geisha:
Geisha move fast at night...

We also saw lots of temples, but my favorite by far was the Golden Temple:We also made friends with Koi while in Japan:Seriously, this thing was big enough to be a small shark!

There will be lots more pictures on Flickr once they all get uploaded. Look at the sidebar for the link when I am able to post it.

Knit on...

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Janis said...

Awesome! I miss Japan. It is really strange to go to Hiroshima, although my friend in the US military said it felt even more awkward for him. Did you go through the museum? I thought it was quite chilling.