Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Terrible Two's

Recently, each of my projects has been coming in pairs: pairs of socks, pairs of hats, pairs of swatches...

On Wednesday, I finished the second Coronet hat. Here is me modeling mine (and man has my face gotten skinny as I've dropped weight!):And here is my coworker, modeling hers (she liked the hat, so I gave it to her):It really is a lovely pattern all the way around. Super easy, but entertaining enough to keep your interest.

Yesterday was all about swatching. I'm getting ready for the Evenstar KAL which starts next week. I've chosen dark blue malabrigo laceweight for this shawl and the pattern calls for size 3 needles. Here is my swatch with size 3 needles:Ignore the wanky top of the swatch. I didn't bind off loosely like the pattern said, so it's just not going to stretch at all. It's not bad, but it didn't meet the height requirement for the swatch at 4 inches. This one was a full inch off, even if I stretched the hell out of it. So here is my swatch on size 4 needles:This one looks much better all the way around I think. It's the right size and it was easier working with the size 4 zephyr acrylic needles than with harmony or nickel-plated. Those Zephyr acrylic needles are now my favorite ones for lace projects. They have a little bit of flexibility that both the nickel-plated and harmony wood needles lack. If you haven't tried them out yet and are a knit picks fan, please give these a try, especially on your next lace project.

I should get another clue from TEW today, so hopefully I'll either have a finished shawl, or at least a 4/5 finished shawl to show you (if there is a clue number 5).

Knit on...

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