Thursday, May 27, 2010

Around and Around and Around

That's basically how the knitting is going right now. I'm just knitting around and around on Evenstar. I'm 10 rows away from being done with clue 5 now, so I'm making pretty good progress. Unfortunately the shawl is a bitch to photograph because it's so smooshed together on the needles right now. I have it on the biggest cable that I own, which I think is a 46 inch or something like that, and it's still quite smooshed together and not easy to get a picture of.

But, it's a wonderful knit. It's super entertaining and each section is a little different, so aside from the clue 4 TBL ribbing doldrums, I have been very entertained and satisfied with how the pattern is progressing. It also helps to see so many people posting pictures of their finished shawls on Ravelry. A few of my favorites so far are: here, here, and here.

And on a personal note, I was supposed to be finished with my teaching contract on Monday, but it appears that I may stay at the school for another two weeks. I'm not upset about the extra money for sure, but I was looking forward to that nice, long vacation-ish time where I could work on knitting and website design (not me, but directing my friend who deigns) for the super secret project I've been working on.

Speaking of, super-secret project should be announced sometime at the end of the summer, so stay tuned and I'll give you a heads up of when to look for it!

Knit on...

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asterpurl said...

Hey! Sounds like we are in the same boat - I've got about 2 weeks of work left here before we move. Good luck with those final weeks and looking forward to having you stateside again!