Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blue Ribbons and Citron

I told you yesterday that I would post about the skein competition in the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. Well, turns out, I won first place in both categories I entered. The first is a 2 ply 70% alpaca 30% merino blend from S & S Camelid Company located in Morehead, Kentucky. The roving has been lovely to spin, despite a few nepps from the merino content in the fiber. I thought at first that it was going to be in the whole batch of roving, but it turned out the nepps were only in the first part of the roving and did not affect the finished product at all since they were easily picked out. The price point on this roving is quite good, especially given the excellent quality of the alpaca. I'm looking forward to purchasing some of their 100% alpaca roving once I finish spinning the rest of the roving I'm working on.

So without any more blabbering, here's a picture of the finished yarn:

The second category I entered was the spindle category. You all have seen this yarn before since it was spun while I was still in Korea. It's 100% Correidale that was purchased as a dyed fleece, which I then carded and spun into this:
And, to add icing to the cake of this weekend, I finished the Citron shawl:

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I should have taken a picture of the shawl when it was blocked out nice and straight, but sadly, I didn't. You can still see the color repeats wonderfully in this shot though. I adore the Crazy Zauberball yarn, and it took up all but a couple of yards of one ball to make this shawl.

That's it for today. Hm, now what should I make?

Knit on...

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