Monday, May 16, 2011


It has been almost 2 months since I moved into my new place. It took being away from my place for the past couple of days to realize that while I am now finally organized and fully unpacked, the creative juices had been diverted. My knitting slowed down dramatically, my spinning was near non-existent, and there has been absolutely no writing. This weekend, I stepped away to house sit for a friend for a week and within 24 hours of being in the country surrounded by baby horses and 3 baby robins (and a rather perturbed mother robin, but hey, not my fault you decided to nest right by the guest bedroom window where I can watch) I was reading. I read a whole fantasy novel in a day and then this morning, I had a complete and total burning desire to knit, which is what I intend to do this evening. I also have finally started getting super excited about the sheep and fiber festival this weekend. I had almost forgot it was coming up until someone mentioned it in passing.

I realize now that all my creativity had been flowing into my new place. This is not a bad thing, since my place looks awesome and it's now all set up for DF's return, whenever that ends up being. My stash is organized, the spinning wheel is adding a lovely touch to the living room, and my kitchen is fully stocked and I'm loving being able to cook in my own place. I unpacked the last box on Wednesday evening, and I even knit a little bit on Thursday before the Sisters Provocateur show. Friday, I spent the evening with family, and then Saturday, a brief trip to the farmers market, some cooking for the week, and then I wound up on the farm by Saturday afternoon.

Tonight, I will work on Citron. I even have a little desire to write right now, but not enough to postpone the work on the Citron. The past two months have been so chaotic with random family pop-overs, tornadoes, flooding, and the constant need to organize my crap. But now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The creativity is starting to bubble up again, and the pointy sticks are calling. I'll probably finish Citron by this weekend and hopefully will be able to wear her to the fiber festival. I'll have some pictures in the coming days, but for now, just know, that creativity is once again my friend. For those of you who have also hit the creative doldrums, just know that it too shall pass. Sometimes it just takes seeing baby robins and their pissed off mother, or five baby horses bouncing up and down in the fields to spark it.

Knit on...

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