Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fleece, Fleece, Everywhere

And not an ounce to spin...yet!

That's what I've been up to the past few days. I have been washing the fleece in small batches, and tomorrow, I intend to flick card open the locks and get some of the dried fleece ready to spin. I managed to get most of the lanolin out of the fleece, but I did leave a little in there just to give it a nice feel while spinning. If it wasn't such a nasty fleece, I probably would have just spun the whole thing in the grease, but that would have gunked up my wheel beyond all gunkiness (and yes, today is the day that I feel gunkiness is totally a word worth saying).

I created a drying rig in my front living room where the batches are currently air drying, although it's taking a little while since the weather has been quite humid and I have yet to turn on the AC in my apartment since I run perpetually cold. Here's my set up:I'm amazed at how well that wire rack is working to help dry out the fleece. Hopefully by tomorrow all that will be dry and I can work on flick carding it open to see how the fiber really wants to be prepared.

And because I am adoring my Citron, here's another picture just for fun:

Knit on...

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