Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back From Busan

Well, I made it back from a wonderful weekend in Busan. I felt a peace about this city as soon as we hopped on the bus. Yep, so of course the bus broke down on the way to Busan and we were stranded for about 30 minutes until another bus could take us on it the rest of the way to Busan. Figures :oP

Once we got there, we crashed at the Motel Busan. In the morning, we decided to head to the Jalagchi fish market and see what that was like. If we lived in Busan, I would go here at least once a week to get some fresh fish. Here are some pictures:
There were strings of little silver fish ready to be purchased.
Tanks of live octopus and squid. The squid were a little jumpy and they had to have lids on their tanks. Every now and again one would get out and you'd hear some Korean cursing and the vendor would go grab the escaped squid and throw it back in the tank.

There were rows of fish drying, rows of fresh fish, and even people cleaning fish getting them ready to cook. I could go on and on about the fish market, but I won't now. I'll save that for a presentation later on.

After the market, we hit a big park where Busan Tower is located. This gives you a great view of the hugeness of this city.

The city is huge and is spread out all around the port. It's the second largest city in Korea and the fifth largest sea port in the world. I was just in awe.

This is maybe 1/16 of the city here. They built up as far as they could on the mountains around it. It was just really cool to see. We shopped in Nampo-Dong which is a huge fashion area. It was pricey, but we can say we saw it at least.

On Sunday, we spent the day on one of the islands around Busan and the beaches.

This is one of the pebble beaches here. It was gorgeous and I love hearing the waves against the shore. There were people fishing too.

Busan was wonderful. I think I could definitely live here. The people were very nice and a lot of them were able to speak a little English, so that was helpful.

DF and I headed back Sunday night and ate at TGI Fridays in Gwangju. Jack Daniels chop steak is really good I might add. I don't think they have it in the US since it was under the Korean specials. Maybe since it came with sticky rice, that's why they put it in there. I half expected to see more kimchi.

Tomorrow we're headed for Seoul. Hard to believe this trip is almost over already. I wish I would have felt better for the whole thing, but I've still had a good time. I'll post on Friday when I get back.

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this has been such a fun vicarious vacation!