Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chinese Food in Korea

Yep, last night DF and I went out with his friend Ashley for a drink and some food. We walked down main street in seach of a Gomtang place (boiled beef soup that Naju is supposed to be famous for), but when we couldn't find one that wouldn't make us sit on the ground (we really wanted to sit in chairs last night), we just walked around until we found something that looked good. So, we found a random Chinese restaurant on Cheap Street and ate there. It was pretty good and was about the same as Americanized Chinese food, only a little more spicier, and of course, they served it with kimchee. The kimchee last night wasn't too spicy, so I actually ate a few slices of cabbage for once.
After that, we headed back and just relaxed. Today I have been doing nothing. Well, I shouldn't say I have been doing nothing, I have been playing a game. This one to be precise:

In my meaningless opinion, this is the best game currently out for PSP. It's a role playing game, but it plays very similar to Dungeons and Dragons Tactics. You have to manipulate where your characters go and the actions they take. It's got a great story, based on Joan of Arc, and the gameplay is so addicting that I played it from about 8 AM until 2PM when the batteries on the PSP gave out. So, while it's charging, I figured I would blog :oP

We're heading to Busan tomorrow. It should be a fun weekend and hopefully the weather will hold out. I'll have plenty of pictures in a few days when we get back.

And I'm stuck at about half way through a sock right now. I really don't like the wooden needles for socks and it's just keeping me from knitting right now. If I get a job here and head back over, I'll be bringing all my metal needles in my suitcase, so hopefully that will bring back the knitting groove. I could stand the wooden needles if they were longer and sharper. I really need to get those Knit Picks Harmony double pointed needles. I might have to ask for them for Christmas :o)

Knit on...

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