Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lasers and Silk

OK, sorry I have been absent from the blog for a few days now. I haven't been near a computer much, and then once I was able to get on a computer, I have to rest my eyes some every few minutes or so.

So the big news is that I had Lasik eye surgery done on Friday! DF had his done in February from this same eye clinic, so I knew I could trust the people there since DF isn't blind or anything. I went in for an eye exam on Wednesday, fully expecting them to say I didn't qualify since I have tried to get this done before and was told that my eyes just suck too bad to laser them into submission.

Well, turns out that I do qualify now that they have these new lasers and micro cutting things. I was thrilled. So I wandered around Seoul with DF on Thursday, then was super nervous on Friday. Everything went well and the surgery was done in about 10 minutes. Hard to believe that 20 years of bad eyesight almost can be taken away in 10 minutes. A few hours after the surgery, I felt like my eyes were in hell, but the next day, they seemed to be all better. They did a vision test at the office and I was 20/20 then. I go back this next week to see how they are doing, but they do seem to be OK right now, just a little dry, but that is normal according to everything I have read on it and should go away within a month or so.

So I haven't done much knitting, but I did spin a little. I spun up the silk hankie that I brought with me and it turned into this:It really is much more pretty than this. Much shinier and more yellow than dull green. And the purple is much more vibrant. Anyways, it's a picture of it to prove that I have actually done something fiber related in the past few days. I'll get to work on the Irish Hiking Scarf some more today and try to finish it by this evening.

Knit on...


Plain Jane said...

Glad that everything worked out ok with the surgery. My SIL had it done and said that the morning after was the first time she didn't need her glasses to find her glasses {g}.. Your silk yarn is beautiful - one of these days, I may try spinning..

Janis said...

Wow, glad you're doing well. Lasik scares me. :D The spinning looks lovely!