Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Socks in the City

OK, I warned you yesterday that this would be a very heavy picture post, so here it goes. We went to Seoul this weekend and pretty much as soon as DF had his eyes checked, we were heading to one of the historical palaces near City Hall:
We managed to get there just in time for the changing of the guard too, so we watched that, then headed into the palace itself:

It really is a place of contrasts. On one hand, you have an ancient palace, then on the other, you have modern day downtown Seoul. It was a pretty place and if you want to see all my myriad of pictures, you can check the link that I'll put up in the sidebar to the flickr page.

When we were done looking around the palace, we were greeted with a nice anti-USA beef protest:

For those of you who have no idea what this is about, just google it and you'll see. So, DF and I figure this is probably not the best place to be since we're Americans, so we scoot our way out of this while telling the people who ask that we're from another country other than America (Yeah, I hate to lie, but we really didn't want to get caught up in this protest, especially since here recently they have started turning more violent). We did buy T-shirts though that they were selling at the protest just so that we would have a souvenier of sorts.

On Sunday, we went to another palace, this one much bigger:They even had costumes you could put on. DF was trying to look all serious there and I didn't realize I should have been too :oP

We did have a stick fight though, but my hat really would not cooperate with this! We spent a couple of hours at the palace with a couple of friends of ours and then it was time for me to go to...The Seoul SnB. DF didn't believe me at first that I would find other non-Korean knitters, but lo and behold, I did. It wasn't hard either since Ravelry rocks. So we SnBed for a little bit (DF went to the roof of the place to read the paper and enjoy the nice day) and then headed back to Naju. It was a fun weekend, and it really made me wish we could be in a bigger city. At least we can travel to a bigger one.

I also promised you pictures of the sock in progress. Well, it's not in progress anymore since I finished it this afternoon:

These are for our Korean co-teacher. I hate this yarn still, but I'm glad she has small feet. These have to be the smallest pair of socks I have ever made.

Knit on...

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