Thursday, July 03, 2008

Look, Something Not Sock-Related

So my lack of fiber purchases over the last month or so was getting to me, and I knew of at least one yarn store here in Naju. Needless to say, I caved. I went in, put up with the crazy old women who think I am the most fascinating thing they have ever seen and insist that I love the color red (I really don't. Can't see it too well, so red yarn is usually not in my stash), and came out with three 100 gram skeins of an Australian wool. This's like butter. I want to fondle it all day. DF even looked at me while I was knitting and we were watching Survivor and said that if I needed to talk about the yarn, he would listen, but wouldn't understand, but would listen anyways. DF is a good man!

I thought these skeins would turn into felted slippers, but with the first horrible failure, I decided that yarn as soft as butter needed to be something other than felted. So I took out the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern that I had written down ages ago and cast on. Started with size 8s, realized it was too loose, so went down to 7s and came up with this:
And the cable glamour shot:

I forgot how enthralled with cables I can get before I started knitting on this scarf. It's an easy pattern to work with and having such a yummy yarn is just icing on the cake. The brand of the yarn is Wool 110% from what I can tell. There was a Japanese movie by this title too that the SnB watched, so I thought that was rather funny. I will be going back for more since it was only 6 bucks per skein. I won't buy more until I run out of this though.

And speaking of, this scarf kicks off the Christmas knitting. I think this will be for my grandfather since it seems to be a masculine color. I might make my grandmother one too in a different color, or in the same if I have enough left after I finish the first one.

Knit on...


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Knitting Magic Girl said...

It is entirely too yummy. I feel the need to have more of this in my stash and just roll around in it.

Kim Colley said...

God, it looks like something I'd want to do obscene things to!