Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Without further adieu, I bring you the finished Sahara:Another nickname for this sweater is Boobs. When I showed it to my neighbor, she was like, You have boobs! Guess everyone is used to seeing me in the baggy sweatshirts and what not which hides my belly fat, and in turn the boobage. Here's the side shot:It shows off the boobage and also the belly. This is a sweater that's only going to look better and better as I lose some weight, so I'm excited about that.

Today is our school festival and to celebrate, I'm wearing the newly finished Sahara sweater. I'm looking forward to how everyone likes it. Hopefully they'll think it looks nice and not think that a fitted sweater is too tight, even though I tried to explain to them the concept of fitted yesterday and that didn't seem to work out well. Oh well!

Knit on...


asterpurl said...


Sahara is awesome - very pretty! Great job!

Happy Holidays!

Janis said...

Lookin' pretty awesome!!