Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Now I Really Want It Finished...

Sahara try on
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I made the mistake of trying on Sahara this morning and man, does it fit like a glove! The measurements are perfect right now. I really want it to be finished now that I've tried it on. I still have two long sleeves and a neck edging and stitching to finish before it's wearable, but I think this very well may become one of my favorite sweaters. I like the fit so well that I am contemplating buying Labyrith from the same designer so that I can get another nice hourglass-shaped sweater under my belt. I'll probably pick up Wendy's book Custom Knits too so that I can make all my sweaters fit my odd measurements!

Today I didn't bring the sweater to work. It's just so big that it's hard to travel with it, so instead I brought dishcloth cotton to crochet a couple of cloths and a skein of the Shepherd Worsted to wind into a ball so that I can start the neck edging as soon as I hit the apartment, assuming I'm not so tired that I just crash and fall asleep. Today is one of my long days at work, so we'll see.

Knit on...

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