Thursday, December 18, 2008

That Voodoo That You Do

That's the Christmas present that everyone is getting around Naju this year from me: Voodoo wrist warmers. They're fast, easy, and I can meet my goal of one pair a day until Christmas Eve to get them all finished I think. Anyways, here's pair number one:Yarn is some German superwash that I've never heard of from the LYS in Naju. They got comments at work yesterday which is good since that's who all I'm making these for. I'm hoping to get two pair done today between work and after school, so we'll see if I can meet that goal.

Other than that, I gave up on knitting presents this year for people. I just let time slip away from me here. I had wanted to make house socks, but I wasn't feeling the worsted weight sock love this year, so that one stalled and never made it past the first finished sock (I should probably finish the second just to get it over with). So, voodoo is such an easy pattern and the ribbing keeps me slightly entertained, which is why it's the present of choice now.

And thank goodness it's Friday!

Knit on...


Stephanie said...

The wrist warmers are a good idea!!!
About how wide and how long are these cuties? I think I will try knitting these in a light weight fingering weight yarn a 2/17 I have on cones which will not be too heavy for Tennessee weather. I am new to this blogging.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

They are about 8-10 inches long and will stretch to fit either an average woman's arm or even a man's arm. The ribbing really makes them quite flexible. The pattern can be found on

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