Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Some Days

Yeah, so for some reason my computer at work decided that it would be a great thing to run REALLY slow. Hopefully it was just for today, but everyone was having issues with their computers, so maybe someone managed to get a virus into the servers or something. I don't know much about viruses other than they suck and I really don't want them on my computer, be it work or not. So you're getting a late blog entry today until I see if I can blog easier from work tomorrow. Here's the state of the Noro sock as of this morning:I tried to make the socks match, but as is normal Noro for me, there was a knot tied in it, so the color changed a little quicker than it did on the first sock. That's all right though since I still enjoyed the color changes and knitting the sock. I have since finished it, but I'll leave that for tomorrow's blog post since I'll be wearing my nice, new, very warm silk garden socks tomorrow to work.

The kids have really enjoyed my socks. They see me knitting socks in the teacher's room when I don't have class and then look at my feet when I come to class to see if they remember me knitting those socks. It has become a sort of game with some of my third years as to what color socks Leah will be wearing today. Kinda cute actually.

And on one last side note, I was called a vampire yesterday my one of my students. I had straightened my hair and had on some darker lipstick than I normally wear since I'm now out of my normal shade, so I chalked it up to that. Well, today one girl goes, "Oh, teacher! Twilight! You look!" So, I'm guessing that straight, dark-red hair with dark lipstick means that I look like one of the characters out of twilight. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow and you all can decide for yourselves. I personally have not read the books or seen the movie, so I really have no clue.

Time to go knit some more on Sahara.

Knit on...

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