Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Noro Socks

Noro Socks
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Well, I finished the Noro Socks yesterday and after wearing them today, I have to admit that they are one of the cushiest and nicest feeling pair of socks I own. No, they will not be replacing my Lorna's Laces by any means since that sock yarn is by far my favorite so far, but I think that if I am ever gifted more Noro, I will probably make another pair. It is thick and smooshy and I didn't have much of an issue with knots (only one) or sticks and twigs like other people have had. I made this a 56 stitch sock instead of a 64 stitch because the yarn is very thick compared to my normal go-to sock yarns. Still, it made for a very enjoyable pair of socks, even if the yarn was a little tough to work with. Up next: Sahara.

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Janis said...

Good to hear they are comfy! I just got some at ReBelle and have been thinking about doing a striped pair.