Sunday, January 11, 2009

At least it's something...

Yeah, sorry I fell off the blogging wagon again this week. Here, look at yarn:That's Clessidra in progress. I haven't been knitting as much as I had hoped on that because instead, I have been crocheting:

Dishcloths. Buttloads of dishcloths. I think I made 20 something. Some are for mom, some are for my grandmother. But it was a lot of dishcloths regardless. Now I'm working on Noro squares, and after that, I'll be making a pair of Broad Street Mittens for my grandmother who has now requested a pair before I leave. Then I'll start working on a batch of 3 baby blankets.

I had already made two children their baby blankets 4 and 1 years ago, but due to a house fire in which everything being used by the kids was destroyed (as well as most of the house, save one closet which thankfully had family pictures and other non-replaceable items). Well, I go over and visit their mom and the 4 year old comes up and says, "I really liked my blue blanket. I miss it." I guess I have to make him another one :oP His sister will be getting a replacement pink one (hers was originally blue and pink, but given how princessy she seems to be at 1, she's getting pink). And they just found out they have an indeterminable fetus at 8 weeks old, so there's a green blanket on the way for the unknown kid to be.

I better get to work!

Knit on...

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