Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catch Up

Ok, I know I've been away from here for a couple of weeks now, so sorry about that. Let's see what I can do for a catch up on here:

Jan 15: Flew to Lex, crashed asleep soon afterwards
Jan 16: Ran over to former workplace and saw people, dinner with family that night, hung out to Renee later that evening.
Jan 17: Spent day with Erica
Jan 18: Church, hung out with Erica, then hung out with Renee, Kim, Jane, and SB
Jan19: Great-grandmother went into hospital. Ran up there to see her
Jan 20: Went to SnB, saw all kinds of people I like
Jan 21: Uncle had colon cancer surgery. Spent all day at hospital, except to have lunch with Erica.
Jan 22: Hospital visits (noticing a trend here?)
Jan 23: Hung out with Renee almost all day and finally did something I had wanted to do for a while (if you are supposed to know, you already know :oP )
Jan 24: Hung out with Erica in the morning, went to future in-laws and hung out with them in the evening.
Jan 25: Went to church, SnB, then to see Zabet and Spooky. Bunny was pissed at me at first, but warmed up soon afterwards
Jan 26: Took lunch to my great-grandparents, saw my great-uncle, had dinner with my grandparents, prepared for today.
Jan 27: I'm watching it ice outside. Roads are terrible and it just figures that I'm supposed to have lunch with Kim. Twice now we have tried to have lunch and both times it has blasted iced the roads!

That's the catch up for the visit to Lex. I'm heading back to the sunshine state on Thursday, so hopefully I'll warm up there! There have been yarn purchases, some spinning, and some work on a baby blanket, so I have also squeezed some knitting, crocheting, and spinning into the hospital visits and friend visiting. I'll try to be better with the updates for the next week until I head back to the land of kimchi!

Knit on...

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robyn said...

I am so sorry that I missed you this trip. At least you got to do some fun stuff (an not so fun stuff) before the ice set in. When are you coming back again?