Monday, January 12, 2009


For Christmas, my grandmother bought me a fleece, but I didn't get it until Saturday. She has been interested in how someone cleans, cards, and spins a fleece. So imagine my surprise when a nice, Jacob sheep fleece from a sheep named Dee Dee was handed to me. Since she wanted to learn how I prepare my fiber, I decided to show her. Here's the fleece in the bag:Very nice crimp which you can sort of make out in the picture. Well, the sheep was a very greasy one, so it took a lot of washing. Here is a soaked fleece:

It's a soapy fleece too since that was its first wash. It turned out pretty clean after four separate baths, so I decided to stick it outside to dry on the screened in back porch. This of course meant that the humidity would skyrocket and it would rain off and on today. Needless to say, the fleece is still damp and will hopefully dry completely by tomorrow.

I knit on some squares and forgot to take pictures of them. I also am doing yet another pair of mittens. I'm rather sick of knitting this pattern now.

Knit on...

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Janis said...

How awesome! I want to get a Jacob fleece one day when I feel I have the room for working with fleeces.