Monday, April 06, 2009


I told you yesterday that I would have a new spindle to show you and here it is, without my further blathering:The picture doesn't even do this spindle justice. It's that gorgeous. I had a custom painting done on it for me based on my favorite dragon in the Dragonlance series. It' stunning.

So I came home and I started spinning some of the hand-dyed roving that Jessi sent over to me as a thank you for some spinning I had done for her before I moved to Korea. Here's the roving and the spindle:The roving is actually a bit brighter than that in the yellows, but it's fairly true to color. I spun some of it up on the golding and fell even more in love with the spindle. Shameless close-up:Look, Ma! I can spin evenly again! The Snipes spindle I have here is all right, but I can't seem to spin very evenly on it because the spin of the spindle seems to change constantly. The Golding is so consistent that I think anyone could spin a nice, even yarn on one.

Oh, and I finished a wrist warmer. I should have the second one done tonight and then I'm not knitting anymore of the Voodoo pattern until I need a quick gift for someone again :oPYes, there is one more small peak of the spindle in that picture too :oP

Knit on...

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Janis said...

Oh, very nice! I haven't seen a handpainted Golding like that before. I'll have to try spinning with a Golding some day.