Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I've Got Nothing To Show

At least not for today. I did finish the wrist warmers last night, but that's about all I did that I could show you. I'm currently working on a really random pattern that I can't show until it's finished and the pattern reaches its commissioner group, but after that I'll be happy to show and will put it up as a free pattern. Again, it's really random and it's crochet, so about all I can tell you.

I didn't get any spinning in last night either, so I'm sad I neglected the Golding. I did get in my guitar practice, but that was about it. I'm happy to report that I'm now losing some feeling in my left fingertips, so they're just about all conditioned now and I can start practicing some more chords other than D, A, E, C, and G. Hopefully by next week I'll be working on some minor chords and the dreaded F :oP

I'll have pictures tomorrow and possibly a finished pattern and random object up here as well.

Knit on...

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