Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blobby Again

Once again, I have a blobby picture of the cardigan. It's almost to the point where I will begin the rib and cable pattern for the bottom now, so I'm quite happy about this. So far, it's been a pretty mindless knit which is good for me most evenings, but I do think that I am very ready for a new twist to come up with this pattern. Anyways, here's the blob:Don't forget about the contest in the previous post! Dana is on the right track and may have guessed the pattern, but I'm not going to say yay or nay on if she's right. The last hint I have to give you is that the pattern does indeed come from and it also looks similar to at least one pair of socks I have made before. That should help you narrow it down even further!

Knit on...

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