Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Hey, everyone. Sorry I was gone a little longer than normal. It was Chuseok here, which is kind of like Korean Thanksgiving, so I had a nice four day weekend that DF and I used to go to Seoul and see some parts of the city that we hadn't seen before. Before I get into that, here's the current knitting:Yep, it's another pair of Broad Street Mittens. I think I only have one more pair of these to go, and the last one is for me, so I'm about done with the mitten parade. At least it's a fast, easy pattern.

So, back to Seoul. We visited Olympic Park on Friday:Home of the 1988 Olympics. On Saturday we went to Lotte World:Yeah, basically a Disney knock off, but it was still pretty fun to go to. Sunday we walked around the Hangang river park area and went up Namsan tower. Those pictures are on the other camera though, so for now, you don't get to see them :oP

Hopefully more knitting progress tomorrow!

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