Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Musings on Christmas Knitting

I still don't have any pictures to show you, mainly because I'm too lazy to get the camera out and upload photos to here. So today I thought I would post some musings about Christmas knitting.

1. I always feel as if I MUST knit something for everyone.

2. They probably really don't care if they get something hand made or not.

3. I'm feeling like I'm cheating everyone this year by making tiny Christmas ornaments instead of socks and shawls and what not.

4. With very few exceptions, most people are going to love the idea of the little sweaters. The exceptions can bite me for all I care right now.

5. Why do knitters have this overwhelming need to knit for others during the holiday season? We are like many of the rest of the population and we wait until the last minute to do things too, only our last minute involves things that can't be picked up at Walgreens at midnight on Christmas Eve. Every year though, thousands of knitters pick up the pointy sticks around this time of the year and vow to make objects for those they care about.

6. Why do we procrastinate so much. It would be so much easier to knit one hat every month for a year and be done with the holiday knitting before Thanksgiving and Christmas/other winter holidays. Instead, we wait until November and try to make 30 hats in 30 days.

Those are just some musings I had this morning and thought I would share. Anyone else have something they have been wondering about? Leave a comment if you do. I'm a comment whore and love to hear feedback from you all!


Janis said...

I can't really help you since I don't have the compunction to knit everyone something for Christmas. :D I've cut down my gift giving to just my immediate family, with a few exceptions and the only person I'll really knit for is my mom. So that's only one or two knit things for Christmas.

Laura said...

Just want to say love the blog. Unlike Janice I have a major compunction to knit Christmas gifts. I started in the beginning of Oct and its already freaking Nov 11, I'm so behind! I Check out my Blog, untangling-the-skein.blogspot.com