Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When You Have No Voice...

You stay home and knit and spin. At least that's what I did today. I wound up with a fever and a throat that was on fire, so I figured I may have come down with strep throat. Well, turns out this is just my yearly bout with tonsillitis that then goes into laryngitis. So, I now have no voice, but thankfully no fever, so I am spending the evening in front of the TV, knitting and spinning away.

I figured today I would give a project update. First, I finished the next pattern for Fiber Fiction. I am very pleased with it and can't wait until October to release it with the next section of OtherKin. Unfortunately, you'll just have to wait until October to see that one :oP

My table runner is growing a lot. It's now about 2.5 feet long. Another 2.5 feet to go and I'll have enough to cover the table:Sorry for the crummy picture. I just could not contort myself or the knitting to do anything better than that!

Next, the travel sock got a little work at lunch on Monday, so it's growing some:Last for today, I did some spinning while I sipped hot tea. I started working on the llama from a few years ago and forgot how delightful it is to spin:Back to the hot tea I think for tonight.

Knit on...

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