Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Weekend

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Ok, so post 3/3 for today. I'm really going to have to start blogging from home so that I can just go ahead and put all the pictures in one post, but I'm also lazy and mainly use my computer at home to watch DVDs and call people :oP Anyways, the weekend was good. I headed west to go visit DF and spend the weekend lazing around his apartment, finishing up the Nano book (I won, I won!), and knitting on Sahara until I ran out of yarn. I knew I should have brought another skein with me, but this gave me the chance to finish the Noro sock (see post below). I'm completely in love with the Sahara pattern and tonight I should get close, if not arrive at the short row shirttail shaping, so I'm quite excited about that!

Tonight Barbie and I are making a bunch of food. We decided that we wanted some good food this week, so we're going to both cook tonight and share the different foods. She's making homemade clam chowder and fried oysters and I'm making scalloped potatoes, and possibly chili if I can find some decent hamburger around here.

I'll let you know how the cooking spree goes!

Knit on...

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